Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Weekend

What a weekend indeed! So we started out Friday night with the dog park. The girls love Karma, absolutely loooooove her. They laugh at her more than anything else, especially when she's chasing a ball or catching a toy. They just can't get enough. So we thought, let's go to the dog park. There they can really see Karma in action plus 20 other new dogs doing different silly stuff. And we were right. The girls thought it was hilarious that Karma would run away and then run right back at them as fast as she could. ... I don't think they realized her enticement to do so was a tennis ball, I think they were convinced that she was playing with them and doing everything intentionally for their benefit. What we didn't anticipate was crazy dog people. Crazy dog people are always there, but they rarely bother you - unless you've got a very rare dog breed or some other quirk. Well, turns out twins are a quirk so crazy dog people flocked to us. It was pretty much the same thing "Oh Roscoe love's babies. Roscoe, come here and look at the babies. Roscoe. Roscoe! Roscoe babies! Roscoe, no! Drop it. DROOOP ITTTT!! Now come give the babies kisses." ... um. ... no thank you. Fortunately our trip was cut short - UNfortunately that was due to Karma ripping her dewclaw off. ... again (yes again). So we had to take bloody, gimpie mess back home and bandage her up. Now she's sulking around the house on three legs and a sock covering an ace bandage. So that was Friday. Saturday Gina had her morning class to teach so the girls and I hung out and cleaned up a bit, then that afternoon we went to a baptism for Robert (Gina's cousin, Nicolette's, finance). It was a nice preview of what we have coming. By the way, we officially scheduled the girls baptism for June 26. Kind of cool that it's 2 days after our anniversary. ... kind of like an assessment of the past four years. We're being brought to our annual review and we've got a great project to show for our time here. Anyway, we then went up to Pasadena (Robert and Nicolette's house) for a little party to celebrate. Angels as always we kept our smiles and laughter up the whole time and conked out on the drive home. Then, we slept until 3 (almost 5 hours straight of sleep time for Mom and Dad) and then again until 7:30. Gina and I have never gotten a more solid sleep than Saturday night. ... it was Be-a-utiful! Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast at the Fireman Cafe (an old morning hang out for Gina and I pre-babies) and the girls did splendidly. We tried pancakes and bananas and melon. Then we went with their Theas to the Rossmoor Community Festival. We got to see the dog parade (which was right up there with the dog park), unfortunately Karma couldn't come. We also go to see Theo Billy's (Gina's uncle) Devin in the classic car show. We got some pics below. We wanted to sit in the driver seat but turns out a beautiful day makes black leather a little toasty. So, as you can see, we had quite a weekend. ... I think we need a nice relaxing week to recover. Mothers day is next weekend and I think we'll find ourselves equally as busy.

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