Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1 of solo parenting

This weekend is Gina's first back on the festival circuit with her mom, so that means it's all up to Daddy this weekend to fill some big freakin' shoes. And I mean that, have you seen Gina's feet? We're talking some serious footwear here. Somehow, against all odds and despite the weeks earlier traumas, we made it through Friday night unscathed. Yes, that's right ladies and gentleman - yours truly has successfully accomplished what every mother on the planet is expected to do from day 1! And I only got 7 months of prep time. Now, I'm not saying that a mothers job is easy - I'm not that stupid - but please forgive me while I do some light shadow boxing in the mirror while playing "Eye of the Tiger" on my iPad. Picked up the girls from the church at 2:30 Friday afternoon (loving these modified work weeks). Genevieve passed out in the car so when we got home I made the transfer to the crib. Arianna wasn't quite as easy so she fought me for a half hour, but I got her down by three. Folded some laundry while she drifted off. Thought that was a great time to make a sandwich and eat something - was wrong, because Genevieve thought it was a better time for her to get up. So we got up and she helped me fold more laundry. One of the things you never thing about as the parent that goes back to work is the never ending pile of laundry. ... where does all this come from? Are we picking up extra work on the side and doing our neighbors stuff as well? It seems that machine is always running and I own all of 4 pair of jeans and only wear the same 5 t-shirts! Do I really go through that much underwear?! But I digress. ... Arianna woke up about an hour later so we had some bottles, played a bit, ate our dinners with out any fuss (we've figured out the secret for Arianna is mix a little apple sauce with everything - nothing like spaghetti, turkey balls and apple sauce all in the same bite. ...mmmmm. I think I'll write a cook book after all this "Everything's better with Apple Sauce", see if it catches on). Sorry, lot of coffee this morning, I'm all over the place. The barista made a grande when I asked, and payed for a venti so he gave me both. ... love me the espresso shots! So after our evening walk we got ready for bed, I gave Arianna a bottle on the floor so she could roll around and do her own thing. I fed Genevieve and took her in, rocked her a bit and laid her down. She was gone in about 5 minutes. Came back, got the monster and we watched some TV, played, finished our bottle (which is HUUUUGGEEE for her) and then we laid down in Daddy and Momma's bed and "talked" for a while. We came out, played a little bit more and then went back to Daddy's room where I scooped her up and rocked her for about 10 minutes, she started to nod off so I moved her to her bed and she was gone in about 2 minutes. It's the eye of the tiger it's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rival. And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, and he's watching us all in the eye. ... of the tiiiggeeeeerr. Daddy made himself some shrimp scampi (never got to that sandwich earlier), grabbed a celebratory beer and watched 2012, which Gina kept putting it off cause she was really not ever planning on watching it with me. Lot of people died. ... like the whole world. Except Tibet - is that that the secret to enlightenment, move to Tibet? Don't think it worked for Brad Pitt thought - 7 years in Tibet was a terrible movie. ... coffee talking. Had a peep from Genevieve an hour in to the movie pressed pause, changed her binkie and came back to realize I had not pressed pause I had pressed eject and since we don't have a remote (thanks Karma!) I had to watch the rest on the computer so I could get back to where I was. Then Arianna woke up around 10:30 because our neighbors were having a flamenco dance off of some kind directly above their room and she was livid. Was not expecting Gina to be gone that long so I failed to have a back up bottle ready and with an angry, squirmy, 20 pounder it's a little hard to find frozen milk, defrost, pour into bottle and then try to administer and putting her down caused her to scream and I was not about to wake up Genevieve and make it 2 on 1. So that's when the text went out "come home now pls!!!!" More exclamations were implied then were used because I had to type with my knuckles. But Gina got the hint, rushed home and she went right back down. See, if I only had mammary glands I'd be set. ... I'd be much more popular with my friends too, but I digress. And recommence shadow box sequence - It's the eye of the tiger it's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rivals. ...

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