Monday, May 31, 2010

Grandmas, Strawberries and Applesauce

We'll get to the title of this post in a moment, but first let me say what a wonderful day we had today (Memorial Day). Gina didn't have to go work the festival today and I had off work so we got a much needed family day (hadn't had one of those in two weeks) to bask in each others wonderfulness. We got up later - girls amazingly slept until 8 - and walked to Starbucks. ... nice to have coffee because it tastes good and not you desperately need the help of java to get through the day. We then came home for a nap (a short nap) and then headed over to our friend Merideth's house for a little bbq and pool time. Girls went swimming in a non heated pool (so did Karma) and did very well. They were able to brighten an already warm day even more. We went an extremely long time with out a nap and you wouldn't even have guessed it. Water logged and stuffed we piled into the car and headed to Grandmas for ANOTHER bbq and to see our new cousin for the first time out of the hospital. We napped on the way and for a little while after we got there and then were right back in the water. ... this time Grandma's jacuzzi. Well, needless to say, Mom and Dad weren't really rushing to jump out of the therapeutic waters as the girls dinner time rolled around so Grandma and my Aunt took on the feeding chore. We gave them some steamed sweet potato and a little shredded rib meat and told them once they were done they could give them some strawberries, applesauce and cheese if they still seemed hungry. See the title working it's way in here? Somehow, and this is the traditional grandmother move here, we made it to strawberries, applesauce and cheese with out ever touching the sweet potatoes or the meat. ... what can you say here. Grandmas hold this card. They can do what ever they want because they're still your mom, and no matter if you're 8, 28 or 88 you can't tell your mom what to do. You just can't. So grandmothers basically have a free pass on everything. That's why little red ridinghood went over the river and through the wolf infested woods all by herself and probably with out a can of mace. Because once at grandmas she could get a way with murder. Literally. Grandmas are the wild card in the deck - it doesn't matter if you're a queen, king or ace she trumps you. And she earned the right. She put up with me for 28 years. It's ok. If things go well, I'll be a grandpa one day and then it's my turn. And I'm sure there will be a blog entry dedicated to all the things I'm doing to spoil/corrupt my grandchildren. It's the circle of life.

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