Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 3 of Solo Parenting

So the third and final day of 1 on 2 was complete and utter chaos. ... no I'm kidding, it was perfect. We actually got to enjoy Momma for most of the day, we went to breakfast and then took a trip to Kohls to buy more pj's because we have enormous babies who aren't fitting in the 12 month jammies at 7 months old. But Kohls was too expensive (we mainly went there because I needed to get some new jeans as well, but we struck out there too), so we left empty handed. Gina finally went to the festival around 2:30, girls napped until after 4 and a couple of buddies came over and we all watched the Lakers disappoint. My Friends 4 year old daughter came over too and the girls got to play with her for almost 3 hours - which completely exhausted them, but I think they thoroughly enjoyed interacting with an older child. Karma loved it too because there was a new sucker in the house who enjoyed throwing the ball as much as she loves chasing it. We went with out incident. ... and then Momma came home. They must have sensed her and were feeling withdrawal symptoms from lack of Momma because about an hour after we got into bed they both woke up pretty intense. They weren't really screaming or crying it was just more aggravated flopping and a desperate need to be held. Gina fed them, but that didn't work, we rocked them, but that didn't work. It was very strange and very unusual for them. Especially considering how easy going they'd been all weekend. But hey, I can sympathize. It's tough going three days with limited Gina and, despite your best efforts, when you need a fix you just need a fix. On another note we should end Monday with a new cousin. My sister Kelly was induced at 2 am this morning and - although still in labor at the moment - should be delivering before the morning runs it's course. That means our new cousin Caelyn (Kay-Lynn) will join the ranks as the fourth girl in our group of "cousins". ... unless of course the doctors find something they weren't expecting. That'll make the new score 4 to 2.

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