Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Cousin

Yesterday (5/24) brought the arrival of a new cousin for the girls. Caelyn Whitney Buschmann was born around 2pm weighing 8lbs and 25 1/2 inches long. Not a whopper, but the biggest of our cousins so far. She brings the total grandchildren count up to 6 with a current score of 2 boys and 4 girls. We are very excited to go and meet her this afternoon, and even more excited to watch her grow up. With only 7 months between them I am sure that she will become a prominant play figure in the girls lives, and hopefully a very good friend as well. I grew up an hour away from my closest cousins (San Dimas & Pasadena) with the rest scattered from Alaska to New Jersey so I never had the joy of interacting with any of them unless it was a very special occasion (Christmas, Thanksgiving for the close ones - a wedding or a death for the others). There was also a large age difference (my parents both being the babies of their families) and as I've grown older we've been able to establish relationships, but there was never the closeness that I see among Gina and her cousins and even more so among Gina's sisters and the younger set of cousins. I hope that my girls will experience a different scenario than I. Their cousins are all relativly close in age (7, 2, 9mos & 1 day) and in location (Cerritos, Lakewood & Chino) so the probability is high that things will work out that way. Additionally none of my siblings have come out and said that they are done having children either, so odds are good there are many more cousins to come. I'm sure the girls will find someone to play with out of the brood. And if all else fails, there in lies the beauty of twins. They'll always have each other. Of course, who's not going to want to play with them? They're freakin' awesome! Here are some pictures of the new addition.

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