Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it drama or just over dramatic?

Fun night last night. ... fun, fun fun. Gina taught her Monday night class (it being a Monday and all) so I had the girls for bed time last night. My mom was over to help and everything was going well so as soon as baths were done Gina left early so she could get a run in before class. Got the girls dried off, lotioned and changed for bed. I cleaned out the earrings and got vitamins administered all with out incident. Then came actually going to bed. Now Arianna has been a pill lately when it comes to eating. She likes to eat, she just wants to eat, she just also wants to be in control of everything. Example - she won't breastfeed easily during the day because it's too confining for her so we've taken to giving her a bottle and letting her roll around the floor and drink it at her own leisure because it's the only way it'll get done. So in anticipation of this I'm prepared not to fight her if she won't take it and just put her to bed if need be. If you've seen pictures of our kids lately you know they aren't starving so it's not like she can't go with out a bottle at the end of the day. Anyway, we hit the wall with the bottle and she started to get worked up so we moved off to bed (pretty standard stuff). But something was in the air last night. I don't know what it was and I sure didn't see it coming but "worked up" took on a whole new meaning. After lying down for about 30 seconds her whine turned to a scream and the scream turning into a ball and that ball turned in to something I have never heard or seen before. I got her up quickly, thinking maybe there was a burp in there, but that just pushed her even further. With tears and snot flowing down her face she started to toss her head back and forth - not like the "no, no, no" motion she's been doing lately, much more jerky and shorter swings. I honestly started to think she might have been having a seizure. The drool was flying out of her mouth, she was now making this growl, grunting, screaming noise, she was shaking so bad. That's when I started to really become concerned. I ran the gamete, I administered Tylenol, I stripped her down to see if there were any cuts or sources of pain, I ran cold water and cooled her down with a compress - you name it I tried it. All of this went on for almost an hour - mind you Genevieve fell asleep with my mom and has now been moved to her crib in the same room and is sleeping just fine through all of this. Finally I decided I needed to take her to the hospital. She's 7 months old and I've never seen anything like this (this is the first time I've ever thought we needed an ER visit). My worst fears are playing out: she's having some kind of allergic reaction to something, she's internally bleeding, she's having a seizure, she's somehow broken her leg when I wasn't looking - you name it I thought it. I bring her out of the room and pass her off to my mom so I can collect myself, call the gym and let Gina know that I'm taking her to the ER. I literally pick up the phone and turn around as my mom is walking her to the living room and I see Arianna lift her head up off my moms shoulder, look directly at me and start grinning from ear to ear. ... excuse me?! I set the phone down slowly and I walk toward her and I literally ask her that "excuse me?" The grin breaks into a giggle and she coyly snuggles herself into my mom's chest with a "ha, ha daddy" movement. I thought you were dying?! I thought you were falling apart?! I thought the world was coming to an end before my very eyes?! And you just didn't want to go to bed?!!!! These kids are going to give me a heart attach. So we sat and watched the Lakers trounce Phoenix for about 20 minutes, she started to rub her eyes, I laid her back down to bed and I didn't hear from her again until 4 am. Where's that in "What to Expect..."? An hour later Gina walks through the door, "Everything go smoothly tonight?" ... There is no proper response here. ... I believe my face says it all. And the award for best dramatic performance goes to. ...

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