Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Review

So first of all, let me lament by saying our printer has died. That's putting it nicely. Our printer hasn't just died, it gave up. It quit. It refused to fight the good fight and took the easy way out by rolling over, exposing it's soft under belly and taking the journey into the light. Burn in hell HP CL500 series. Ok, now that I got that out we can continue - you see our printer is our only way of downloading photos since someone (not going to name names here - cause it was probably me) lost our connector for the camera to the computer. And this weekend had some reeeeaaaallly cute photos. So with any luck we'll figure out a quick fix and I can put those up because they are really great. It was mothers day this weekend (if you didn't know that then your mother probably hates you - or vis a versa) so the girls and I made it a whole weekend event for Gina. We took her to sushi on Friday night, then we took her car to get washed on Saturday morning with a quick walk to Starbucks while it was drying. Then we cleaned the whole house (even the oven and the windows) while she was teaching her morning class. On Sunday we got up early while Gina was sleeping and put on our special Mothers Day outfits which we made on Thursday while she was teaching. Super cute (we'll show pictures later. ... damn printer)! We got here some new goblet wine glasses - since she broke the others, and we got her tickets to go see the live Glee stage show later next week. Then we went over to Grandma's house for brunch where the girls got to go swimming with grandma in her gigantic new jacuzzi (I hate you hp). After that we went to the park where Yiayia and all of our thea's and the rest of the family was hanging out. Super cute picture (aaarrrrgggg) of the girls in a swing. And I literally mean A swing as they were sitting back to back in the same swing. It was hilarious. It actually worked quite well too because there wasn't all the extra room that normally makes them fall back and to the sides. There was another grandma there with her young granddaughter, maybe 15-18 months old. She was trying to figure out which way to put the girl in the swing. The mother walked up and was explaining the that girl (our girls) was sitting the wrong way and as she got closer to explain was totally taken a back when she realized there were two of them. From straight on you couldn't tell there was more than one baby.... so funny. You know what would be nice. ... a picture to show you exactly what it looked like. But I digress. Anyway, the girls were amazing - little tantrum at sushi. I walked out to put something in the car and I the whole 2 minutes I was gone turned in to a screaming match. I walked back in to find crocodile tears and an anxious Gina. But, we fought through it and came out victorious. Other than that they were angles as always. It's an insane reality, this new world for us. I've never been happier to have nothing be about me anymore. And I know Gina is the same. She takes so much pride in every smile, every milestone. Every person who fawns over them or takes note of their accomplishments. And she should. She does so much with them, and for them. They should really have a day that is just dedicated to mothers like here. ... oh wait. ... they do. We should really have a camera or something to document such a celebration next time. ... watch your back HP.

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