Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We thought this day would never come; they were bald for so long.  We were ecstatic just to get pony tails in for the first time. ... but actually get their hair cut?  It was a fantasy.  But the day came.  It really came.  Arianna go to the point where she can't eat with out her hair up because it covers her face like Cousin It and Genevieve. ... well. ... you can't just send Arianna for a hair cut and leave her out.  So we trekked down to the salon where Gina and I get cleaned up, and had our stylist Lindsay work her magic.  I have to say I was amazed.  I thought the first hair cut would be all kinds of drama. ... but I should know better by now.  The girls were angels, in fact, one lady in the chair next to us commented how dramatic their behavior changed from being in the chair to back on the floor.  While they sat there, each of them was quiet and calm and attentive to instructions, and once that cape was removed and their feet touched the dark tile of the floor again - poof - we were two year olds again; running around and showing off our Elmo dolls to ladies waiting with curlers and foil in their hair.  Meanwhile Rosaline just hung out on the couch asleep and absorbed the "ooh's" and "ah's" from the waiting salon patrons.  And like the geeky dad that I am, I took way too many photos and videos for a simple activity like my kids getting their hair cut. ... here's a few:


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