Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bite My @$$!

The way I see it my daughters are already going to hate me by the time they're 16 and realize this blog is for real. ... so I'm not going to keep a gem story like this from you.  I pulled up to the house yesterday after work and I could hear the screaming from inside my car. ... and that's with the giant wall around the house, not just the usual walls of the home itself.  Once inside I find Gina feeding the baby, my sister-in-law "time outing" Genevieve and Arianna in the middle of our bedroom with Niagara Falls pouring from her eyes.  I quickly deduce that she was bit on the butt by Genevieve, but she won't let anybody near her.  The quick back story is she was going down the slide in our back yard on her belly.  Genevieve was at the bottom "catching her" and in the excitement of playing decided to take a bite out of her ass. ... you know. ... that classic "I love you so much I'm going to recreate a scene from Alive and eat your bum" feeling.  It's really quite common.  I have a similar story (and scar) from my sister and a fork. ... but that's another blog all together.  Anyway, I finally just pick her up against her wishes, pull her pants down to make sure there's no blood (there isn't, but there's a nice little bruise forming) and set her back down.  I ask her what's going to make it all better: a kiss, some water, a pack of ice?  She sucks in a breath and responds in a quivering voice, "Neow-neow band-aid."  Of course.  We've got this pack of Hello Kitty band-aids that we've been using on a toe that Genevieve stubbed.  Arianna has been wanting one of these "stickers" for a while but hasn't had an injury. ... she finally has a reason to get one.  So we walk to the bathroom, I pull her pants down and slap a Hello Kitty across her cheek. ... the world is wonderful again.  And she proudly wore her ass cat sticker for the rest of the night.  And you can bet your Hello Kitty band-aid this photo is coming out on her first dates. ... and her wedding. ... and maybe even when she gets sworn in as the first female President of the United States.  We'll see how things go.

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