Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Big Sister" Looking Good on Them

Part of the fear bringing a new baby home is how your old babies are going to handle it.  You know you love them just as much as before and, for all intensive purposes, they know that too. ... that doesn't mean their going to share you.  The twins were a perfect example of that.  Forced from conception to share everything (even a uterus) the still fight like the Hatfields and McCoys sometimes.  We did everything imaginable to make the transition smooth.  We continually talked about the baby in Gina's belly as if she was born already, we bought them their own babies to practice with, made them kiss the belly goodnight. ... the list goes on and on.  And, at this point in the game, it seems to have paid off.  The past few weeks the girls have been amazing with Rosaline.  They don't get greedy when Gina needs to feed her and they don't fuss when she needs to be held.  They're extremely gentle with her and, at least for appearances sake, seem to really enjoy having her in their lives.  Last night I had a wonderful moment with Genevieve that really summarized things.  I was sitting on the bed, playing with Rosaline.  Genevieve wandered over to see, trotted off and came back with her bathroom stool.  She climbed up on the bed and asked to hold the baby.  There wasn't much back support so I didn't want to give her complete control, so I sat her in my lap, scooped up Rosaline and "placed" her in Genevieve's outstretched arms - keeping actually control of the baby underneath.  We sat there for almost 10 minutes, just looking at her and talking about her - the girls love to update her every move: "New sissy move. ... new sissy open eyes. ... new sissy 'eh, eh, eh, eh'".  If not for the call of dinner I believe she'd have sat there all night, just holding her little sister and studying her every detail.  I have no doubt this kid is going to fit right in with our pack of girls. ... that's a great feeling as a parent.  It's like when your two best friends meet for the first time. ... and eventually become best friends themselves. ... and you find yourself alone on a Friday night watching a rerun of Charles in Charge.

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  1. These blogs about Rosaline are just slaying me. I've been so anxious about how SI and DD will relate to Baby X, and I just hope they adjust as perfectly as your monkeys. :)