Monday, January 9, 2012

"New Sissy is Giving Me a Hard Time"

From the mouths of babes, right?!  Or so they say. ... whoever "they" are.  But it's true.  Some of the things the girls come up with (or worse, repeat) just astound me; it's brilliant, incitful. ... and just plain hilarious.  Last night we were driving home from a family friends birthday and Rosaline was getting a little fussy in the back.  Nothing serious, she was just whining very slightly.  Of course, Genevieve - who I'm going to soon title the Assistant To The Momma (in her mind that's Assistant Momma. ... perhaps you watch The Office too?) - is attempting to control the situation and calm Rosaline down.  She's tried holding hands, talking gently and forcefully implanting a pacifier in to Rosaline's face hole.  None of this is working.  Finally, in a slightly frustrated little voice I hear her say "new Sissy giving me a hard time."  Gina and I turned and looked at each other.  "Did she really just say that?" I asked.  "Yes. ... yes she did." Gina smiled back.  So I asked her what she had said and she once again offered "new Sissy giving me a hard time!"  I'm still laughing just thinking about it.  Add to this that Arianna, at one point the night before (during the great poop disaster of 2012) casually glanced at the crap covered bathroom around her and made a case "Me big khaka Daddy. ... two MM's?"  Or that they refer to their bubble guns as Bubble Gum's.  That every night they repeat the phrase "Tissa, Mum-mum's, nite-nite" (potty, dinner, sleep) like it's military mantra because that's how Dora's map lays out her game plan every episode.  They're like a treasure trove of spoken gems.  I could just listen to them all day. ... it's magic.  Pure magic.

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