Saturday, January 21, 2012

Give Away: Sparty Party Pack

Ok, so let's face it; in the land of women I'm still a man.  And as a man I like things like blood, fighting and half naked guys in loin cloths. ... wait, what?!  So when I got an opportunity sent my way to give away a Spartacus Party Pack for the premier of Starz original series Spartacus: Vengeance on January 27 my inner gladiator let loose a blood curdling war cry. ... meanwhile my outward persona responded with a polite "yes, I'd love to give away a party pack to my readers."  Party Pack includes 4 Spartacus themed shirts, two sports bottles, $20 Domino's Pizza gift card and, of course, you're very own bottle of fake blood. ... because what kind of viewing party can you hold if your guests aren't all covered in battle wounds and blood?!  Sheesh.  So here's the deal, in the comments section you tell me what your gladiator name would be and I'm going to pick my favorite.  I know that seems like I hold all the power but. ... I do. ... cause it's my blog.  I, for one, am going with Daddius Maximus of Estrogenonia.  Also, don't forget to catch the season premier and let all your friends know (that's the best way to hold a party, by inviting people) and send them a tweet using #spartacus.  I leave you with the following images. ... the man I picture myself to be and the party pack that could be yours.

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