Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guys I'll Never Let My Daughters Date

Something has been bugging me for a long time. ... the question was if, and how, to bring it up.  When I started this blog the purpose was for the few family and friends we didn't see regularly to be able to keep tabs on the pregnancy.  After losing Zoe so late in the term, people were some what anxious with the twins. ... as were we.  Once it got underway things just kind of snowballed from there.  I became an unstoppable blogging force. ... or something like that.  But it dawned on me early on, once pictures and video's and names and references to places started getting posted, that I may be playing with fire.  Now early on let me just assure you that nothing bad has happened.  No one has been harmed or exploited and to the best of my knowledge we're all safe and sound. ... but I'm getting a little creeped out.  You see, Blogger has some great features that allow me to keep tabs on every aspect of this blog.  I know how many people visit the blog every day, what posts they read, what countries their in - I can even tell what operating system they're running the Internet on. ... pretty sweet.  I also have the ability to see what sites they're coming from and, if they got here via a search engine, what it was they were searching for.  Enter the creepy guys.  You see I've been watching this go on for quite some time and I finally have to bring it up. ... I have to address the issue.  The overwhelming majority of searches are for things like "kopp", "kopp twins", "Gina Kopp", "twin babies". ... stuff like that.   But a few aren't.  So I'm introducing a new feature which I will be running from time to time called Guys I'll Never Let My Daughters Date, in which I'll be sharing with you some of the creepy searches conducted that have landed perverts at my daddy blog.  Here's the opening list:
1) Victoria Secret Twin Models
2) Girls of Manchester United with Ass
3) Rub Her Butt
4) Sister in Law's Ass
5) Hello Kitty on the Ass
6) Doodie Girls
7) Sissy Me
8) Hot Twin Blog
9) Twin Sister Pic
10) Twin Babes Corvette

I'm going to limit this to 10.  I think it's enough to get the point across.  You can also see some themes here.  Definitely a lot of interest in twin models and people's butts. ...I'm a little concerned about the "doodie girl" guy. ... he seems to be alone in his preference.  Anyway, this is just a good reminder that there are a lot of weirdo's out there and as I continue this blogging adventure it's important to keep my girls safe from those types of people.  So I'll continue to refrain from mentioning my home address, our telephone numbers or posting any bath tub pics of our girls. ... I'm sure "bath tub pics of twins" is a popular search for these guys.  I'll also go on record and remind these types of guys that I'm 6'4", 225lbs, I work out daily, run a 6:25 mile and I sleep with a non sanctioned aluminum baseball bat under my bed. ... so ease up on the "creepy" fellas.


  1. I get a lot of creeps searching my blog too! I keep thinking about putting a post up about it.

    (Without a doubt, the one that bothers me the most is "fat jewish girl boobs," which apparently gets searched a lot. And I now feel super self conscious that, first of all, they're so darn interested in my boobs, and second of all... the internet thinks I'm fat????)

  2. Wow, definately some weirdo's out there.

    Got me curious, so I checked my stats and have none near as crazy as yours. Though I do feel bad for the person involved with the ones who searched "Well Trained Wife(s)"

  3. The creeper factor is obviously a big concern when it comes to blogging. Luckily I haven't had that many creepy search terms to worry about.

    I'll gladly leave these guys (or gals even) disappointed when they find their way to my blog.