Monday, August 30, 2010

Operation "Mom Out of Town" Comes to an End.

At approximately 11:05 last night I was effectively removed from duty as the sole parent in charge of baby duty. And as the smoldering wreckage slowly went out we surveyed the damage and what was left. Oh wait. That's right. We survived. We went almost 64 hours with out a mom on site and we lived to tell the tale. I am about as wiped out as I've ever been in my life, but the house didn't burn down, the girls didn't lose weight and we made no trips to the hospital, so I'll consider this weekend a glaring success! I think a little piece of Gina is sad that the girls didn't have major meltdowns with out her (not that she wanted me to suffer, but she wanted to know she was missed). Not being here, I think she believes that if they didn't lose it then they must not have missed her - but I'll tell you what; by Sunday they definitely had a little attitude going on which I think was a manifestation of their missing Mama. It wasn't major, but ever 10 minutes or so yesterday afternoon someone would just start crying for no reason and neither of them would settle down - they were like twin tornadoes spinning through the house. It was like a nervous energy about them - as if they were starting to think Mama might never come back and it was working them into a frenzy. They still went to sleep just fine, and as I crept out of the house this morning for work Gina mentioned her surprise that no one woke up at all during the night (that's the third night in a row for us). I hope this is the gift I give her for coming back: a new found ability to sleep all the way through the night with out any waking up. Of course I think they're smiling faces this morning when she gets them up will be enough of a gift. I can only imagine how exiting they'll be. It's going to be an "I love Mama" bloodbath! Oh the humanity!

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