Friday, August 6, 2010

Close Encounters of the Twin Kind

We ventured in to a new and exciting frontier today. One which was as awe inspiring as it was hostile. ... the mall playground. We stopped by after lunch with the idea that the girls could watch the kids play and maybe, when they're walking, we could come back and they could join in. ... oh no. ... not our girls. As soon as the safety strap was unsnapped Arianna bolted across the floor with Genevieve in hot pursuit. They set up camp at the 3 foot long goldfish statute near the center of the compound (not quite ready for the off-road monster truck or the convertible sedan), and made their first contact with intelligent life. ... well, he was four. ... and even for a four year old I'm not sure he was top of his class. We'll just say they made contact with life. Little Tony tried desperately to impress the girls with his complex jumping skills and his ability to balance on the fish. I'm not sure the girls were really moved by his talents, but I can tell you this - he was very proud of himself. We had several other fly by's, but Tony was our main relationship until another pair of twins moved in on the turf. These girls were 2, maybe only an inch taller then our girls and they were fascinated with them. I've talked before about my theory of connections between twins and other twins, and this encounter only solidifies that. These two were hugging and kissing and petting the girls hair non stop for a good 20 minutes. Their mom and (I'm assuming) grandma would continually pry them off our girls and move them to another end of the compound only to have them b-line it straight back to Arianna and Genevieve. It was intense. One of the girls even tried to pick Arianna up and make off with her, despite the fact that I'm sure she couldn't be more than a pound heavier. Arianna, tough girl that she is, turned around and smacked the kid upside her head, gaining her release, and then went on playing. I tell you, my girl is tough. I think she'd take on a first grader given the chance. The playground did its job, though. Two minutes into the car ride home and it was lights out. I think we will come to like visits to the mall. That is until they start asking for credit cards and pretending like they don't know who we are after they get one.

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