Friday, August 27, 2010

Lessons in Hygiene

In our pursuit of instilling good habits early on we've begun our foray into the magical world of dental hygiene. I've watched other parents try and introduce the toothbrush later on in life and I've never seen it go very smoothly. We decided (and the doctor agreed) that it would be best to begin early on so it's not a foreign activity. Plus, they do have teeth now so where's the downside in making sure they are clean? As I stood at the mirror last night helping Genevieve brush two things dawned on me: 1) this is the only time it should really be called a "tooth" brush rather than a "teeth" brush, and 2) she is really enjoying this! There was no struggle at all, in fact, she helped by smiling the entire time. The only tough thing was keeping her from chomping down on the brush head, but when she did this she immediatly giggled and released it. It was quite an experience. I hope she enjoys doing her homework later in life as much as she enjoyed this little task. Oh, on another note, lesson to future parents: when you give your child/children a bath and you go to pull them out of the water and find a "raisin" floating in the tub - unless you've given them raisin's sometime in the last 48 hours, it's probably not a raisin. Best not to try and pick it up. Gina learned her lesson the hard way. It was like a scene right out of Caddyshack. Only this didn't turn out to be a candy bar.

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