Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chick Magnets. ... Engage!

Single men everywhere, the first part of this post is for you. Forget killer abs, sports cars and adorable puppies. Go out and get our self a baby. Don't ask me where, that's your problem (in fact, this may kill two birds with one stone and solve the orphan problem as well). What you see in the movies is 100% true - chicks love babies. I mean loooooove babies. The one thing they love more than babies? Men with babies. You can tell from my candor that 36 hours into operation "momma out of town" all is well on the home front. Girls did incredible last night. I got up twice to check on them because they didn't make a peep after 7:30. Finally after 7am I poked my head in just as Arianna was stirring and, upon seeing me, she nearly jumped out of her crib thus waking up Genevieve too. But 12 straight hours with out a mom on call and nothing but solid sleep? I'll take it! So we got up, had some breakfast and then went to the gym. This is the first time I've taken them there, Gina's taken them a few times the last month so she can go to spin, but I usually go on my lunch breaks during the week and early Saturday morning so I can pick up coffee on the way home - this gets me out of morning diaper changes AND breakfast so how can I complain about that arrangement? Anyway, I needed my endorphin fix so time to try something new. Before I even got the double glass doors of my sanctuary I was mauled by an exiting spin class. At least I think it was spin. ... they were very intense women so I know it wasn't yoga. I felt like the 5th Beetle making my way to the front desk. Upon arrival all three of the ladies behind the counter started falling over themselves: Are they twins? They're so cute! Are you the dad? Did you come by yourself? Your so good. That's just amazing. What a good dad! ... I like this gym. This isn't a normal greeting for me. In fact, in the 10 years that I've been a serious fitness guy I never get more than a script read "have a nice workout" from these people. I'm there minimum of 5 times a week (and that's a bad week) and these folks don't even know my name yet, let alone show me any kind of emotion. Suddenly they're fawning all over us. "Can I get the door? Wow you hold them both? You're so strong!" It's official, the girls are now coming with me to the gym as often as possible. Aside from that the rest of the day went swimmingly as well. We went down to Dana Point (Great Grandparents house) for our cousin Cameron's 1st birthday. Actually it's his second birthday. ... celebrating his first year. He had another one on his actual birthday at my step-sisters mom's house. This party was for her dad's side of the family. Girls had fun, although they may have made an enemy. Just before we left Genevieve beat up the birthday boy by pinning him against a wall and then bashing his head in to it. I swear, you don't want to get on that girls bad side, she has a twisted sense of justice. I'm pretty sure this was her punishment for him having a binky. ... his own binky. How dare he.

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