Monday, August 29, 2011

Wipes Out!

There are moments in life where you see something happening but are left with the horror of knowing there's nothing that you can do about it.  Like a car that's hydroplaning or those folks in a movie where an asteroid is headed right for earth.  Instead you are left to brace for impact and hope for a miracle.  Gina was in Fesno this weekend and I kept the girls even busier then normal.  We had a couple of birthday parties, breakfast with my mom and a lot of the usual running around town.  The moment referenced above, however, came at the very end of the weekend, as we were leaving our last birthday party and headed home for immediate baths and bed time.  The girls had spent the whole time running around with other kids at the party, circling by for a bite of hamburger or a sip of juice before trotting off again for distant giggling and other unseen shenanigans.  It was finally getting late and we needed to get home if we were going to make it into a much needed bath, so I rounded them up and we said our goodbyes.  We walked down the street to our car and I went to lift Genevieve up and put her in her car seat, at which point she says to me "Dadda, khaka."  Really?  When did you poop child, why and why didn't you tell me back at the house?  I laid her down on the grass and, sure enough, an explosion of bodily fluids had ruptured the diaper and soaked in to her little white shorts.  Now I can be blamed as the non-observant parent, however I must note that there was no oder to this thing.  Crazy, I know, but there really wasn't.  It was just all over the place.  So I stripped the shorts and tossed them in a bag, pulled out the wipies and got to work.  It was then that I noticed how light the wipie bag felt. ... noooooooooo.  Fortunately, I cleaned up the mess and had about 2 wipies left, I had managed to squeak by with only using 3 - my lucky day!  I strapped her into her chair sans pants and walked Arianna around the car to her side.  As I bent down to pick her up she looked up at me and said "Dadda. ... khaka."  Shit.

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