Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go

As they saying goes "all good things must come to an end."  And today, what has been a good thing for us, must.  Gina and I bought our condo 2 months before we got married.  It wasn't our dream home, it was our stepping stone to one.  At that point (do you remember 2007?) you could do no wrong purchasing a home.  It was the one guaranteed investment that would increase with time.  Then 2008 walked up and kicked me in the nuts.  In the 5 years that followed I watched our place lose almost 70% of it's value.  We soldiered on.  We modified the loan, we found ways to fit two new bodies in to the mix.  We never missed a payment, never considered walking away.  But it won't work any more.  Not just the fact that Bean is going to be one body too many, but the area is fine for two adults who keep to themselves - it's a terrible influence for a child growing up.  Yesterday was another reminder.  Not only did I witness another fist fight between 8 year olds (several of them throwing f-bombs along with fists), but Gina got blocked in by a fire truck when she was trying to leave for yoga, that was administering aid to a 3 year old that ingested anti-seizure medicine because there was no parental supervision. ... ever!  The older our girls got, and the more they desired to interact with the Lord of the Flies kids, the more we knew we needed to leave.  My in-laws provided us a window to jump through.  They've bent over backwards converting part of their garage (used to be the master suite on the original house which, they had converted into a man cave of sorts for Gina's step dad's Corvette's) into what is now being labeled "the pool side suite" as it opens up into the courtyard pool area.  They're welcoming us with outstretched arms and genuine excitement to have us there, which makes the tough pill to swallow a little smoother.  It's not that I don't love them or that we don't all get along - it's just that I really love our little family.  I love how we do things and I love being the unit that we are.  Merging with another established unit threatens to tarnish what we've already got going.  It's not a guarantee to happen - just a concern of mine that it might.  But, this is an opportunity that we can't pass up.  We're going to rent our condo as quickly as possible.  Even if we can just cover 80% of our mortgage payment, that's 80% of our main expense that we can save up and put down on a house of our in a year or so.  Plus, if we can last 12 months, then our condo will be considered a secondary rental property and I should qualify for a "first home" loan at that time - at least that's what I'm told by my real estate/finance acquaintances.  In my gut I know this is the right thing.  In my gut I know that it will all work out well in the end.  In my gut I feel confident in this decision. ... and yet, in my gut, I feel pretty nauseous.


  1. I also love my in-laws, but if I was moving in with them, under ANY circumstances, you can bet I'd cry the whole time I packed up and relocated. But then, they don't have a pool-side suite.

    But you're doing the right thing, it's only temporary, and everything is going to be just fine. That years is just going to FLY by. :)

  2. Wow. Our lives are eerily similar at this point. Except we ended up actually walking away from our condo 2 years ago. It had lost 80% of it's value in the time that we lived there. And just like you, the third baby was what really pushed us out. We couldn't find renters to cover the amount we needed. We tried for over a year to pursue a short sale to no avail. Now we are living happily in a much larger, yet cheaper rental house. I don't even mind the foreclosure anymore. We did what was best for our family. So don't worry. If you know you're doing right by your family, there's no need to be nervous. :)