Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Love Letter Shared

I'm a bit sappy.  I'm the guy who tends to keep things that make me emotional; mostly touching letters or pictures with great meaning.  I have this small cigar box that's I've stored these things in for the last 10 or 15 years.  When something hits me hard enough, it goes in the box.  That way, when I'm in one of my "throw all this clutter away" modes, I don't toss what's hidden away in the box.  So last night we working at the condo - rented by the way, in less than 5 days on the market, to the first lookers. ... not bad - and I was in one of those above mentioned moods, ready to toss anything I could find because our storage space was quickly running out of. ... well. ... space.  Gina left to teach a class and I was left a lone of a while. ... dangerous combination when I'm in such a mood.  But I stumbled across my box.  I wanted to share with you one of the letters I found tucked inside.  It's only a few years old, from Gina about 3 months before the girls were born.

"One blond, one brunette, one crazy child (um. ... Genevieve!) & one calm child - two polar opposites, but nonetheless best of friends.  That's what I think when I dream of our little girls & that wouldn't be far from the truth by looking at their parents.  You & I came together from two seperate walks of life, two completely different personalities - the ying & yang of sould mates.  And through the years we have become equals, those who compliment one another beautifully & above all best of friends.  I can't wait to embark on this journey of parenthood with you.  As we've already seen, I know we are going to mamke a fantastic team!  It will be tough & I know there will be some nights where we'll want to strangle one another, but we'll come out stronger & anscathed just like we always do because we have each other lean on. 
You are going to be the best Daddy in the entire world & I know our little girls will love you with just as much heart & soul as I do.  With this gift, I hope they walk in your footsteps & grow up to be passionate, loving, creative & beautiful inside and out. ... just like their daddy.
Always love, Gina"

The gift, by the way, was a size 13 pair of pink converse sneakers, and 2 pairs of baby pink converse sneakers.  Two years later I still get all chocked up, knowing that we are succeeding. ... that I am succeeding.  But there's more to this post than just showing off a wonderful letter to the rest of the world.  This post is more aimed at my daughters, should they someday read these writings.  Girls, in adulthood, when you find yourself someone that you think you are in love with, ask yourself honestly: have you found this?  If you haven't. ... keep looking.  This kind of love is what gets you through the dark nights.  This kind of love is what helps you rise again.  This kind of love can topple mountains and move oceans.  This kind of love is worth searching for, because this kind of love is what made you.

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