Monday, August 8, 2011

How Now Brown Cow, Where Art Thou?

We finally made it to the Orange County Fair yesterday.  Just in time too because it closes down today.  My mom had tipped me off to a special (don't know if it's new or just new to us) that allowed anyone to get into the fair for $2 between 10 and 11am.  With normal adult tickets being $11 you can bet we made sure to get the gate right at 10:52am.  That's $18 just saved on Gina and I, plus we took two of my sister-in-laws with us so $36 saved. ... that ended up getting them about 2 1/2 carnival rides.  Let me just vent about that for a second.  It basically works out to 50 cents at ticket, and most of the rides were 10 - 12 tickets.  So they're charging $6 a ride and they only last about 25 seconds.  So for 1/2 hour of entertainment it's going to cost a single person nearly $360!  Our kids are never going on carnival rides.  That's ludicrous!  Ok, I'm done with that.  Fortunately our kids had no interest in rides what so ever.  They were much more impressed with the baby deer they got to pet, the elephants giving rides and giant bug exhibit.  I figured out who to quell fear with the girls.  Any time they see something scary, like a 15 foot tall animatronic tarantula (they weren't buying that this this was itsy bitsy from the song) I make them wave at it.  How can you be scarred of something you're waving at?!  Works like a charm.  By the end of the exhibit I had to pry Arianna away from the 2 story praying mantis because she was blowing him kisses and won't walk out.  But bugs and elephants weren't our main objective yesterday.  We were in pursuit of cows.  A bovine adventure, if you will.  You see we didn't make it more than 5 feet in the parking lot with out a tantrum being thrown.  We were able to subdue in promising that we'd see cows if everyone behaved.  For some strange reason there was not a cow to be found.  There were about 30,000 pygmy goats and plenty of competitive chickens (I could not tell you a single difference between the blue ribbon winning chicken and the 5th place one - I'm assuming the one with the blue ribbon does magic or something), but no cows.  We even went to the stables where a giant ceramic cow with sunglasses was standing out front. ... nada.  So we told the girls the shaded cow was the moo-moo we had come to see.  I'm not sure they bought it.  But we're at the fair.  This is nothing a 4 foot long corn dog can't fix, right?!  While we're on the topic of fair food, I'd like to quote Marge Simpson in saying "Homer, I didn't say they couldn't deep fry your shirt; I said you shouldn't."  Folks. ... deep fried Klondike Bars? Deep fried Kool-Aid.  Deep fried butter? Seriously?  Butter?!!!  Why don't we just deep fry a heart attack for you?   Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.  And with that, our fair day came to an end.
Genevieve being mobbed by goats and deer

I should also note that as of late last night Gina and I are finally settled in the "pool side suite".  I slept in my bed last night and pulled my clothes out of an actual dresser this morning, rather than a stack of drawers on the living room sofa.  I'd like to thank all my in-laws, but especially my father-in-law, for all the hard work put into this thing.  We spent nearly 13 hours working Saturday and he put in another solid 8 yesterday in addition to a full day Friday, and the culmination of 2 months of work is now complete.  I didn't have the heart to kick him out so we could go to bed as I felt he earned the right to sit on our sofa and just stare at his masterpiece for a while.  So for all of that, I just want to publicly thank them.

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