Monday, August 22, 2011

Fodder for a Future Freud

It's a tough thing, growing up.  You get older and you start to see the ugliness the world holds.  As a parent, I just keep putting money away, fully aware that on top of college and weddings, the next biggest expense will be psychiatry visits.  And yesterday's experience is sure to be among some of those repressed memories that come up during their sessions.  We went to Gina's cousin, Nina's, (yes, their names rhyme, move on) birthday party.  It was her 12th (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) birthday party. ... revisited. ... so they had a couple of pinatas for everyone to take a whack at.  From the moment we walked in the front door the girls were going crazy for the two "nay, nay's" (horses. ... although one was actually a unicorn) that were standing alert on the living room piano; and when they made their way outside their faces lit up.  Then they got a little puzzled when people started tying a rope to them. ... even more confused when they were hung from a tree. ... as the baseball bat started swinging, panic officially set in. ... and when the family dog went rogue (my fb friends can see the video on my wall) and mauled the unicorn, spilling his candy coated bowels on the lawn, I knew the memory had been burned in the mind as a traumatic moment.  Fortunately the lollipops gathered up in the aftermath seemed to repress the memory so I don't have to deal with it for a while.  We were even allowed to take the heads home and I put on a macabre sort of puppet show during the drive home.  Ahhh, childhood.  What would it be with out repressed memories.

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