Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fine Art of Dining

Today, let me acknowledge that yesterday was the Birthday of my most amazing wife. ... my only wife to be exact. After a 9 hour drive home from Reno we were able to take her out to dinner at Benihana's and celebrate with white sticky rice everywhere. It was wonderful. We even shared our teppanyaki table with a large family with their own set of twins in the mix, albeit about 30 years older than ours. After an exhausting meal trying to, as Gina put it, quell World War III, one of the ladies leaned over and told her how well behaved the girls were. It's funny how people fail to notice all the little things we do to keep up appearances. Like ordering a glass of ice so they can play with that. Bringing coloring books and crayons. The toy hippo that kept flying through the air. The rushed order of steamed rice. The shoes that were taken off. The extra sets of chopsticks.  The constant reassurance that ice cream would come.  The 14 pounds of edemame which shoot at surprisingly high speed when squeezed by a little hand.  The hats we made great use of, and the beads of sweat that pour down our face.  I'm glad that all goes unnoticed. 


This next piece is entitled "Progression of Sticky Rice"

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