Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pay Per View

Alright folks; lights, camera, action!  We finally broke down and got a video monitor for the girls.  In our condo their room was so close that a monitor was an absurd idea, but since the move we've been using an audio monitor and - aside from the annoying feedback and range problems - we came to find out we were missing a lot.  A whole lot!  You see the girls figured out that when they talked it would trigger us to come in and put them back to bed; clever girls.  So they began communicating with out talking.  The audio would be dead silent and then a slight bump would trigger us to peek in and find that they had managed to get all the toys out of their chest and onto their beds, climbed into the same bed or, using these newly mastered ninja skills, climbed up on to their dresser and raided the binkie stash (that last one was the most alarming one to walk in on - find your 2 year olds' suspended 6 feet off the ground supported only by tipie toes and one hand, the other feverishly tossing pacifiers down to the bed below).  So we took back the audio and traded up to live feed unit.  You've got to wonder, in the age of flat screens and iPad's why is it that a monitor still looks like it came right out  of a 1975 gas station cashier's desk?  This was immediately noted by my sister-in-law, who I don't believe has ever seen a TV with a back before today - but it was a very valid point.  I'm proposing someone who's more technically savvy then me figure out a way to make the image show up on a computer or tablet via a wifi feed so I don't have to spend an hour every night lying on my bed, straining to make out the grainy, night vision images (Is that a hand?  Is that a foot?  Was that a ghost?!!).  But I digress.  Last night I found my self glued to the set after I put the girls down, experiencing the same sort of emotion one gets from a soccer match.  Just watching, waiting for something to happen, anticipating that it was coming up shortly,  here it is. ... nope. ... then slumping back down when nothing came about.  I kind of miss just the audio, where I was happy with knowing that I simply couldn't hear anything, so they must be fine - now I can see how much really goes on in there.  As soon as the door closes both girls pop up.  Genevieve immediately rotates so her head is by the foot board.  Arianna scours the room, no doubt assembling a master plan of some sort.  Genevieve picks up her tiger and makes it do ballet across the side rail.  Arianna scoots to the foot of the bed and throws her legs over the exit point. ... poising herself for the jump down to the floor.  Genevieve checks out her toes.  Arianna looks around, waiting for an "all clear" moment.  Genevieve now joins her in a similar position.  They then stare at each other for a few moments, like there's some kind of freaky, X-Files telepathy thing going on.  Then Genevieve aborts and lies down again.  Arianna stares right at the camera.  AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I'm officially freaked out now.  Turn the image off.  Audio will suffice for the remainder of the night.

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  1. Monitors made me crazy - even the regular audio-only ones. I only lasted a month with them after our twins were born. The day I got rid of them was the first day I got any sleep since the twins' birth. I've never used a monitor since and we've all been a happier family for it. :)