Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You tell her, sister

Got in to our big girl beds for the third night in a row last night, after a thoroughly exhausting Yo Gabba Gabba dance session that left the girls hanging over me like wet towels.  Part of this whole "big girl bed" process is to ensure that they're completely drained when they go down, lacking any energy to try and explore their newly found night time freedom.  It worked the first two nights, and it worked fairly well last night - but Genevieve sort of crossed that line to too tired.  Instead of passing right out like she normally does when she's beat, she just kind of flopped around like a landed trout for about an hour.  She wasn't crying, it was more like a moan.  You know that moan.  It's the same one you did your freshman year of college after your first kegger.  That "dear god, let me sleep, I've got finals tomorrow" moan.  I was busy finishing up some work on the computer so I just left all the lights off in the house and let her work it out while I basked in the glow of Microsoft Word.  What was cracking me up was every time the moaning would get a little on the loud side I would hear "ni-ni" from Arianna.  "Ni-ni" being the equivalent of "night-night" or "go the f to sleep".  As her moaning persisted the "ni-ni'" got louder and more frustrated.  "mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm" - "ni-ni". .... "mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm" - "ni-ni!". ..... "mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmm" - "NI-NI!"  See, nothing for me to do here.  They're self regulating children now.  My job is done.  I guess I'll just put the ship on autopilot and take a nap.  I'm sure they can handle making themselves some breakfast in the morning.  I'll tell Gina she can just sleep in.  She'll only need to get up if she smells smoke.  Or coffee.  There's nothing good that will come of these children on a caffeine high.  Nothing good I tell you.


  1. Good for y'all! The earlier you move them the easier the adjustment is. Move them before they start actively trying to crawl out of cribs and they'll know their boundaries right from the start. We just moved our 15 month old triplets into toddler beds a few weeks ago too :) Hope it keeps going well! (for you and us!!)