Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday????!!!!

So this sums up an anniversary with twin toddlers.  On Thursday (day before our anniversary) I picked up the girls from my mother-in-laws and stopped by the store on the way home so I could get cards and flowers.  Of course most stores (Costco being the exception) only have single seats in the carts and those blasted signs that show stick figures standing or sitting in the basket with the big "X's" over them make me feel guilty; so we went in on foot.  We got through the flower section. ... of course some of the flowers didn't it make it. ... and on to the cards.  Trying to keep one eye on each of them and read cards at the same time, a mistake was bound to occur.  I found a perfect card that said  everything I wanted it to.  For once I didn't feel the need to add any extras.  So we got home, I arraigned the flowers and got the girls in their chairs for dinner.  While they were eating I got the card out to sign and hide it so I could pull it out in the morning and have it waiting for her.  I personalized the card and read through it to make sure it was perfect. ... but something was off.  All the words were perfect, except for that last one. ... "birthday". ... "Happy Birthday". ... shit.  I bought a birthday card for our anniversary.  Truth is, that is pretty much a perfect summary of our lives these days. ... don't think it could have been more appropriate if I tried.

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