Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nice Rack Dad!

In our family we're not overly shy about anatomy.  There's no sense pretending like mommy and daddy are Barbie and Ken dolls so it's no secret that Mama has boobies and Dada stands up to pee.  It's just they way things are.  Of course, they're "cutsified" a little more than that. For example, breasts have taken on the moniker "bobos" because that's the closest the girls can get to boobies.  It's well understood that everyone has bobo's from the girls all the way up to grandpa, but we tend to keep our hands contained to our own bobo's - good advice if I do say so myself. ... and maybe something we need to go over in more detail.  As I was finishing up the bath last night I pulled Genevieve out of the tub to dry her off.  I was wearing a sleevless undershirt (a "wifebeater" for all those hipsters who don't take the expression literally) so my chest was pretty exposed as the shirt's not really designed for modesty.  As I drap the towel around her, Genevieve starts giggling sheepishly.  "Bobos!" she shouts.  "What?"  "Dada bobos!"  she responds.  "Yes, those are Daddy's bobo's, thank you for noticing".  She begins this fake, deep laugh that she's been doing lately.  And then suddenly, as her arms become free, she reaches out and full on gropes me.  "Can I help you?" was all I could thing to say.  At that point she squeezes them together and lifts, turning my solid A cup into a nice sized B.  I felt a little like a Victoria Secret's model with an expensive push up. ... maybe that should be their new line - "Baby Hands by Victoria's Secret."  "Ok, ok, that's enough of Daddy's bobos, thank you!"  With that I pry her hands off my "lady bits", at which point I should note that wet fingers are like glue on chest hair, wrapped her arms up again and tried to cover my modesty.  I know she's my daughter and I'm her dad, but seriously. ... I feel a little cheap right now.

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