Monday, June 13, 2011

Bar. ... none!

I can already tell you that we're those parents that push a little. Not the ones that start seeking a football scholarship while our kids are still in diapers, but certainly the ones that expect "A's" on the report card instead of rewarding them for it and leave summer job applications on their desk starting sophomore year. So we test the waters a little bit earlier then some and fully expect our kids are capable of rising to the occasion. Well, in this case it's more like laying down for the occasion. After starting potty training (I use the word "starting" loosely. ... all we've managed so far is to get the Elmo potty seat on to the toilet and sit on it for about 20 seconds before we can't handle it anymore) we decided it was time for an upgrade at bedtime to. That's right, we brought down the walls and moved on to toddler beds this weekend. The first night was a little rough - but only on us. Gina was awake with every whimper, and every bump in the night (aka cat jumping off the table in the living room) I was convinced was a kid crashing to the floor. The truth is the guards that go up run almost the entire length of the crib. ... ahem. ... bed. ... so the only problem will come if they stand up and purposely TRY to get out of bed. We tell them as we put them down each night that they "are big girls now and that means that they cannot stand up in their big girl beds or get out of their big girl beds until Mommy or Daddy comes and gets them." Amazingly that's worked so far. We're talking a streak of two nights is all, but I remember when we were trying to get them to sleep through the night last year. Two nights in a row was worthy of a champagne celebration. So as I knock on my faux wood desk made of some sort of composite substance I raise my imaginary champagne glass to our official move to big girl beds. After two successful nights there's no going back now. ... that and I can't remember where I put those screws that reattach the crib side. Hooray!

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