Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ode To My Partner In Crime

Aside from questions about the twins themselves, I'm most often asked "how do you do it". If I'm not already equipped with a smart ass response, I usually just grin and shrug in an "I'm not sure" kind of way. The truth is, I know exactly how I do it. ... I've got an amazing wife. For some reason this beautiful woman with a heart as big as they come took a chance on the guy in the back of the lecture hall in a ripped pair of jeans and a well worn t-shirt. She saved my life by giving it meaning and then she gave me this amazing one you see now. When ever I feel the weight of the world bearing down, she saddles up next to me and shoulders the load. When ever I feel lost in the fog, she takes my hand and leads me to clarity. When ever I feel I'm too awesome for words, she gently pulls me down to earth again. She's my voice of reason; my angel; my best friend. Why, you ask the sudden floodgate of emotion? It's the little things. The little things that build up and finally rip the damn down and flood the town in a swelling wave of sappiness. This morning, like all mornings, I got up in the dark alone. I ate my cereal, shaved my face, dressed in silence. I dragged my gym bag over my shoulder and plucked my lunch out of the fridge. I soldiered to my car as the sprinklers kicked on. It was a Thursday that felt like Tuesday. ... nothing to be excited about. I would listen to law lectures for the next 40 minutes as I drove to work. ... woohoo, now that's something to be excited about. So I tossed my gear in the trunk and sat down in my seat, adjusting it back since Gina had borrowed it for class the night before. I sat down, and there it was. A note. Stuck to my steering wheel. Inside, a 10 dollar bill. "Starbucks on me". It's the little things that make it work. That get you through it. Give you strength and build you up. It's the little things that make a Thursday, that feels like a Tuesday, just another day to smile. And that, my friends, is how I do it.

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