Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stuffed Animal Rescue 911

I love dogs. In fact, the year that Gina and I first lived together in an apartment was the only period of my life that I was dogless. We actually adopted Karma a week before we got the keys to our condo and then stayed with my parents until we could move in and sleep on the floors while our furniture was still in transit, just so we could have the dog. But, while I love dogs, puppies can be a real pain in the @$$. Karma's first accomplishment was eating our wedding album. She followed that up with our entire backyard for dessert. Although Karma has long grown out of puppyhood, my parents, who the girls stayed with this past weekend, have themselves one of the biggest puppies I've ever seen. Grainger is a Great Pyrenees. ... and he's still only about 9 months old. But a puppy who outweighs most other adult dogs can be a problem. For example, he's quite literally eaten my mom's sofa and sitting chair in the family room. Like, literally eaten and digested them. So here we come for the weekend with all of our prized possessions. I suppose we are lucky that the only casualties were the stuffed tigers. ... of course these are the girls most favorite stuffed animals. We can't leave the house or go to bed or even venture out to dinner with out the tigers in tow. Fortunately, I just receive the call and the tigers look like they might survive. The orange tiger managed to come out of surgery with a repaired ear. ... white tiger, on the other hand, had to have an ear amputated. But that's OK. All that matters is that he's alive. And, to be honest, he was never much of a good listener anyways. No doubt the entirety of tonight's conversations with the girls will revolve around "owies" and kisses to make tiger feel better. It's all part of the healing process. Rehab is a rough road.

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