Monday, June 27, 2011

Unexpected Day at the Beach

So my plan was to write an entry today about the wedding we went to on Saturday.  The first one the girls had ever been to.  I was going to brag a little about how good they were and then relate how cute they were on the dance floor.  I was probably going to get a bit sappy about the bride and her father and ultimately tell you how I'm concerned about this little boy:

Seriously. ... if he's this cute now, imagine how dangerous he'll be in 15 years!

But then yesterday happened. 

I was scheduled to take my second year finals for law school at my proctor's house.  Studied my but off all year for this, left Gina and the girls down by the beach having lunch with my Father-in-Law, who is only in for the day, got to my proctor and found out my school had sent the wrong tests.  They sent year 1 exams, not year 2.  Now I have until the 30th of this month to complete or the state is going to require me to take the entire year 2 over again (have to take exams with in 52 weeks and I started the year on July 1, 2010).  So. ... that was awesome.

But in life you have to look at the positives or the negatives will just beat you down.  So I left and rejoined my family and had a wonderful, totally unexpected day at the beach.

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