Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Turns out passport photos look terrible no matter how cute you really are

We're going to St. Lucia in a few months which will be the girls first big trip, so we wanted to make sure we got the passports squared away with enough time to spare (not EEEVVEENN going to go into the passport drama we've had in our pre-babies past). We're headed to Arizona later this week so Gina wanted to get them done before we left. The photo guy at Kinko's told her he was only going to give her 10 minutes to get the photos and if they girls didn't cooperate she'd have to come back another time (dude, no faith in the mom with twin toddlers, what's that about?). Girls were perfect and they knocked the photos out in one try. After he removed his foot from his mouth he said he'd never had little kids do so well with the pictures. .... I think that's an apology. Regardless, their photos turned out just as awkward as the rest of ours do. So it's true - there is no such thing as a good passport/drivers license photo. That applies to adorable 18 month olds as well. At least coming back from a trip to a Caribbean islan, everyone in our family will have pictures that look like they're stoned. ... that's not suspicious. ... is it?


  1. Ha Ha...we took our twins to Punta Cana in November and thought the same thing! They looked HORRIBLE in their passport photos! Have fun in St. Lucia! We went there on our "babymoon" while I was 5 months pregnant and loved every minute of it!! It's beautiful :)

  2. Can't wait to read about how they do on the flight to St. Lucia! We're considering a tropical get-away with our boys, but after a traumatic flight in February with them, not sure we're up for flying again with 19 month olds!