Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I call upon the power of the internet!

I'll lay it out for you: I'm a big Michael Bublé fan. So much so that I figured out how to type the "é" and not just call him Michael Buble. I'm also a big fan of wine; but this you know. So when I caught wind of a contest that would allow access to a private Michael Bublé concert at a Napa Valley winery I felt it was destiny. Our 5 year anniversary is coming up and I thought this could be the epitamy of surprises. So I put together a little video submission that I thought would knock their socks off while Gina was at a class and went to upload it. 30 minutes later I realized that the contest was open to everyone. ... except Californians. I don't understand why. I'm from Southern California. ... I'm further from Napa than tons of people in Oregon and Nevada. But what ever. So I put the video up on his Facebook page anyway with the mindset of "I made this video so you're going to watch it". Well, to do so I had to upload it to Youtube first and, by chance, I've got a hand full of views on it and some surprisingly nice comments to boot. So know I'm thinking, (which can be dangerous), this little video could easily have won one of the spots on this trip. So I want to make sure whoever decided to exclude me knows that. Using the power of the Kevin Bacon method the internet is famous for I'm asking my readers to watch my 1 minute video and pass it on to their friends they know might also like it (and who are equally inclined to pass it on to their friends). Hopefully it'll find its way to the powers that be and, hey, maybe I'll get a signed copy of the DVD or something. I'll let you know when, if ever, I hear anything back from Mr. Bublé.

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