Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Packing up Twins

Started packing our bags last night for the girls upcoming 1st plane trip. Leaving tomorrow to go see Grandpa in Tucson for a few days. It's a quick flight so it shouldn't be too dramatic, but it's our first flight ever so it certainly might be. Should have plenty to blog about by touchdown. Seems like the girls are excited (although Genevieve has a couple teeth that started coming in yesterday and she never handles that very well). Although, we may need to rethink their packing methods. I see lots of toys, but no clothing in their luggage.

Always pack one baby at a time, and use lots of soft material; they're fragile.

Do they count as "carry on" or will they need to be stowed?

Giant pink tennis ball? Check. Yellow spikey ball? Check. Handy Manny Toolbox? Check. ... I think we're set!

Ok, fine. We'll put one more bouncy ball in there. In case of an emergency

Now, to gently cram it all in there. ....

And we're closed. Whew. ... packing is so stressful. Did you remember socks?!

Anyone travel with 18 month olds that has some brilliant suggestions for plane rides? I'm all ears!


  1. We flew the girls when they were 13 months. They were troopers! I'll email you about all the crap that happened that they had to deal with ;)

  2. Don't let them have anything to drink for about an hour prior to takeoff, and then give them sippy-cups when it starts. They'll be less likely to pop their ears and freak out.