Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here, let me help you with that

Every time I read an article profiling a murderer it talks about how they used to abuse animals when they were younger. Knowing that common denominator I'm thrilled with how much my girls love our pets (although our pets might consider some of the actions torture, they're done with as much love and gentleness that someone who just figured out how to use their hands a few months ago can muster). Especially through out this Karma saga; they have been beyond sweet. Last night may have taken the cake though. Everyone gets home and Karma is moved into her little area in the living room. I fill up her water and lay it next to her and head back to the kitchen. A few minutes later I hear Gina yelling about "wet pants" and we discover that Genevieve, in an attempt to help Karma drink, poured the bowl of water all over the dog and her bed. Fortunately we have a towel under the bed (dog is restricted on movement and has to be carried to the bathroom so you never know when an accident might happen) so the water went through the bed, then the towel before hitting the rug - which stayed pretty dry. I thanked Genevieve for her help and sent her to play in the other room while I cleaned up and refilled the bowl (half way this time). I brought the other dog bed out from the bedroom and set Karma back up. Gina left shortly thereafter to teach and I let the girls play while I picked up. I came out of the hall and in to the living room about 5 minutes later, just in time to catch Genevieve pouring the last drop out. ... again. Now the other dog bed is wet and there is no towel down this time. I tried (in vein) to explain that Karma can drink on her own and she doesn't need any help. I cleaned up a second time and put the water bowl in the sink. I started getting dinner ready at this point and as I turned to get something out of the fridge I saw Arianna walk by with Karma's food bowl (which gets left in the kitchen) full off food in her arms. She looks at me with a labored face and smiles with that "I'm helping" look. I tell her she needs to put it back and that the bowl needs to stay in the kitchen. Reluctantly she puts it back and I continue with dinner preparations. I then hear the scurry of little feet out in to the living room and back. Out in to the living room and back. Out in to the living room and back. The fourth time I look over my shoulder and see Arianna bend down at the bowl, pick up a single piece of dog food, run to the living room and try and put it in Karma's mouth (which doesn't work so she just lays it next to her face on the floor). These girls are too much! I'm laughing hysterically at this point. All they want to do is take care of Karma, make sure she eats her food and drinks her water so she gets better and can play again. I swear, if it was any sweeter I'd have cavities.

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