Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stop at Weigh Station

Girls went in for their 15 month check up today - pushed back twice already because of this cold they've been fighting the last few weeks (hard to do a "well baby" check up when you don't have a well baby). Official stats are Arianna 34" and 26.4 lbs. Genevieve 36" and 28.5lbs. Genevieve remains off the charts but Arianna has slipped a bit, down to the 90th percentile. I hope she's not trying to loose weight to become a model or anything like that. Last night they wouldn't eat anything so Gina zoomed down some chicken noodle soup with avocado and made a tasty little shake. Genevieve pounded it, Arianna refused it pretty much flat out. Gina went to the gym so it was left to me to figure out. The plan had been to let them just run around and sip on these things ,rather then put them in high chairs because they were still kind of sick at that point. Well, the plan sucked - mostly because they didn't like it - so I sat them in high chairs and gave them a half of an apple. Arianna went to town on that so I just gave her the mush and a spoon and almost an hour later she'd finished about half, which was enough to get her through the night. The eating habits of kids this age are crazy. One day they eat like a horse and can't get enough of something, the next they want nothing to do with and seem to be on a hunger strike, holding out for later bedtimes or longer stories. Gina said she even turned down hot dogs for lunch yesterday. Hot dogs!! If they didn't have the doctors appointment scheduled for today already I'd have suggested she make one; our child is obviously ill if she's turning down hot dogs. We'll see how tonight goes. They got shots today and they're always unpredictable after shots. Plus Gina has to teach so I'm sure they'll take full advantage of being 2 on 1. Surviving tonight might even earn me a few shots of my own.


  1. Hi Kyle,
    I am over here from Multiples & More. It's nice to hear a dad's voice for a change. I am a mom of 3 girls: a 6.5 y/o and twin 2.5 y/os. I work during the day while my husband is home with the girls. He also works part time night/weekends and then it's my turn in the trenches :) It's a busy life but a very full and beautiful one.
    I want you to know that I totally have your back on this dads involvement thing. If there were more dads like you and my husband (and I DO see more and more, which is really great) who TALK about their parenting experiences, I think men wouldn't feel so left out and wouldn't be so underrepresented. I think moms wouldn't be so mistrustful of dads at the parks and libraries and would more readily include them. My husband isn't a "babysitter" he is a parent. And proud of it. And great at it. I see/hear moms who don't trust their husbands with their own kids, who don't trust their men's instincts. What is that about. He may do it differently than you would, but he'll do it his way and it will all work out okay. Trust your man, let him be the dad he is meant to be. He may just "surprise" you. Okay, I am done with my blabbing.
    As for this post here, it's funny how kids eat and how their tastes change from day to day. I'll never get it, but I know they won't starve themselves. Gorging themselves is another story though - they'll totally do that :)

  2. Thanks Cindy. I'm glad to hear you've found a partner who works just as hard as you. I appreciate your comments.