Thursday, February 10, 2011

Change up at the plate

After battling these cold bugs for the past few weeks the girls are finally back to their normal selves which, at least last night, meant eating great again. I picked the girls up after work from my mother-in-laws because Gina is teaching a new Thursday afternoon class. I'd gotten a text from my best friend that his softball team was playing an early game last night and I thought that might be fun for the girls to go to (outside, park, people running around making noise) but it was going to require a them to eat dinner fairly quickly; a struggle the past few weeks. Side note, I used to actually play on a team with Rob but I've only got one good eye and that limits my depth perception immensely in sports. Turns out it's kind of important in a game where a tiny white ball goes really far really fast. After a line drive to the throat while playing second base we came to the mutual agreement that it was best if I not actually play the game. By mutual agreement I mean the next season they just "forgot" to invite me and I took the hint and didn't push it. But I still like the enjoyment that comes from an adult league, so I was excited to go. I put dinner together and braced myself for Arianna's tantrum but it never came. Instead, hand over hand she shoveled food into her mouth. At one point she looked like a chipmunk anticipating the apocalypse and storing accordingly. We even ran out of dinner and I had to keep finding extras to toss on because I wasn't going leave her wanting (who knows the next time she eats a full meal). Genevieve, on the other hand, is never a problem with dinner; that girl loves her food. Maybe they were just really excited about seeing Uncle Rob in action. Anyway, we finished up, got on some warm cloths (because 60 degrees is just freezing for us Southern Californians) and headed to the park where Gina met us. ... in her yoga outfit. ... and promptly stole my sweater. We only lasted about 4 innings, but it's adult softball. The score was already 11 - 5, so we got in enough action for our first visit.

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