Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Cackle and Ms. Cried

For a rare occasion the shoe was on the other foot yesterday and it was Gina rising before the sun to head off in to the darkness. She and her mom did a turn around to Vegas yesterday for a jewelery expo at The Sands. That means she was up by 4am and out by 5 and didn't get back untill almost 11 last night. That left just me and the lovelies on a beautiful Sunday. ... that ended on quite a crazy note. Day started off fine. We made a run to Home Depot where the old cliche that a guy with babies is a chick magnet at grocery stores was proved the opposite at the hardware store. I had at least a dozen dudes stop me to talk about the girls. One guy even came by twice (although in fairness maybe each stop was for a different daughter). We then picked up some coffee for daddy, who'se calves were on fire from Saturday's race, hit up the storage unit to get our infant bath seats so my sister can borrow them (for her baby, not for her) and then went to Granma's for a bit. My niece and nephew were over there playing and, with Genevieve still having a rough time with the teeth, I thought the girls could use some play time to get her mind off it. Plus Papa would probably be watching the Lakers game so win-freaking win for Daddy. After lunch we headed home for nap time. ... or so I thought. About an hour and a half in to "nap time" I finallay pulled Arianna out so she would stop screaming and maybe let Genevieve sleep a bit. 20 minutes after that Genevieve gave up on sleeping too. You know how there are different types of drunks out there? Well there are different types of sleep deprived babies too. Genevieve gets clingy, emotional and needy. Arianna turns crazy. So I spent the rest of the night with Genevieve clutching to me like a baby gorilla, her poor little swollen mouth all puffed out and swollen from teeth, ready to cry at the slightest suggestion and chasing Arianna around the house trying to keep her from leaving permenante bit marks on anything. Even bath time, normally a 20 minute time to relax and hang out in the tub lasted all fo 3 minutes as Arianna literally set upon her sister, hitting and bitting her. At one point I smacked her on the hand for throwing a bath toy at her sisters head, to which she just looked at me and gave me a maniacle laugh in response. Kid lost her marbles. As Gina pointed out, though, the nice thing about a skipped bath is an early bed time. Everyone was passed out by 6:30. Arianna stayed that way all night, sleeping the crazies off. Genvevieve was up every hour or so crying (most of the time in her sleep) from the teeth. I feel so bad for her. She's got Tylenol, baby asprin and Orajel and she's still hurting. Thank god all the garaunteed tramatic stuff (teething, circumcision, self soothing, ect) happens when we're babies and gets filed in the "forgotten" section of our memories. What a rough way to start life out.

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  1. Have you tried teething tablets? They really helped my girlies who are a couple of months older than yours! You can get them at drugstores and department stores. We used the Hylands brand. Hopefully they will feel better soon!