Friday, February 18, 2011

Next stop Kilimanjaro

We've run into a minor problem. It seems the girls have started taking their climbing skills from the couch to other. ... shall we say, less climber friendly objects in the house. Like the oven. The baby gate. The bathtub wall. Each other. The one that really concerned me, though, was the oven door. Now before you get all preachy on me and ask "how could you snap a photo in a time like this", you should know that Sly had a stunt double for this shot. Arianna, of course, insists on doing all her own action shots. Actually I had my iPhone out already (still working on that Apple sponsorship) to take another photo when I caught this out of the corner of my eye. I instinctively took a picture. And then promptly freaked out. See the actual pic further below. Of course as I'm trying to get the point across to Arianna that this is not OK, Genevieve walks up and does the same thing. It's like a tag-team. How am I supposed to keep them off this thing? They even placed a stupid little drawer on the bottom of the oven that doesn't practically fit a single thing in it but allows its handle to be used as the first rung of our new toy ladder. Damn you Frigidaire!!!!!


  1. Oh 16 month old twins do the same thing. They want to climb EVERYTHING. We call them our little monkeys!!!

  2. Oh, this is a long stage. The oven, well the whole kitchen really, is an area of high interest for my 2.5 y/o twins. We don't really let them in there because it's really small, but they'll do anything to get there. Hanging on the oven, reaching up on the counters, taking out the silverware, "feeding the animals" (this means taking the pet food and dumping it in their water bowls). All sorts of kitchen adventures.

    As for climbing...we had to move the girls out of their cribs and into toddler beds early. They were scaling the cribs and getting in bed with one another. After moving them to beds, they started opening the drawers of their 6 foot tall dresser and using it as a ladder. For awhile we removed all furniture out of their room and bolted down the toddler beds and the night stand - because they thought they were interior decorators and we'd wake up in the morning to scraping sounds and the beds and night stand were in new places in the room.

    Their dressers and desk are back in the room now (yes, we had to bolt that down too) and instead of climbing now they just empty the contents. But their new thing is jumping on the beds. Monkeys indeed. At least they have the team-work thing down!

  3. BTW - I LOVE the cliff hanger picture

  4. Bronwyn is the same way, Aeralind not so much. If something she wants is up there, she will climb up it.