Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Memoriam

Gina's great uncle Tony passed away last night after batteling degenerative demintia brought on by a series of strokes the last few months. It is a sad thing but after 92 years on the planet it's hard to say he didn't have a good run of it. He'd been in a home since the main stroke that triggered things back in October and, for a Greek man who loved to eat and dance more than anything, it was like a wild bird in a cage. I can only say that it's hard to mourn a good man whose time has come, I mourn instead for those who he left behind. Gina's Yiayia is going to take it hard as her brother had been her responsibility the last few years. Gina's mom and her aunts and uncles are also losing a staple in their lives since they were born. For my girls I know they won't remember him, but I'm glad they were able to bring him a good deal of joy in his final 2 years. As he would sit in Yiayia's recliner they would play at his feet, learning to walk by pulling up on his walker, and he would smile and laugh like he was a child right along with them. Never having children of his own he would take more pleasure than most in being around the girls and just basking in the purity that is a baby, his trembling hands always out stretched hoping to brush his ancient flesh against new and perfect skin. He would often turn down the opportunity to hold them, his face conveying his concern that he might not be able to hold on to them, his eyes showing his desperate desire to be able to do so. He was a good man. And like I said, I don't mourn good men as I have faith in their journey after this life, I mourn those of us who will miss him. Rest in peace Tony, you can finally dance again.

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