Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Training

Well, as pitchers and catchers start reporting to subtropical US cities to begin getting ready for the upcoming baseball season I find myself also reporting for duty as our own "season" gets underway. ... Greek Festival season. This weekend the season officially starts for Gina and her mom's jewelry business, which I've mentioned in the past focuses mostly on the Greek community and their array of church festivals through out the spring and summer (although they do sell online as well. .. I'm just sayin'). This weekend is one of their biggest of the year as it's the national FDF competition, which is traditional Greek folk dancing and is mostly done by children, although there are a few adult groups that also compete. That means a lot of down time when you're not dancing, and a lot of parents with little to do but shop. So it's one of those "can't" miss opportunities. Of course the girls are too little to tag along still so that means, beginning today, it's just dad. Although I still get my nights when Gina teaches, it's been a few months since I've gone solo for multiple days in a row so I'm a little anxious, but it'll be fun. Plus it's just the first in the coming onslaught of festivals through the summer so might as well jump right back in. I thought last summer I mastered things, but looking back it wasn't hard. They couldn't go anywhere. Now that they're mobile (and I'm not one to be couped up in the house all weekend so rest assured we'll be out and about) it's like moving up to the Major Leagues. To be honest, I'm more worried about Gina. I know how tough it is for her not being there. We're going to trek out to the festival (only a little more than an hour or so away) for a day so it's not too rough on her, but thank goodness we've got our new iPhones so we can video chat as well. You know, I should get kick backs from Apple for all the plugging I do for their products. I'm going to look in to that. Maybe I should even rename our site "iDad". ... kind of catchy.

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  1. Lol, I thought of renaming my blog to iBaby. Then I figured they sure me for naming violation if my blog ever hit the big time. Good luck!