Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As if the cultural experience of the past weekend coupled with the absence of Mommy wasn't enough, I had the day off from work yesterday and my policy is and will always be to never waste a day off. With Gina home and up for a day out we joined my mom and my nephew Connor and niece Emily for a day at the Orange County Zoo. It's a nice little zoo and rather then compete with the big zoos in the area (LA or San Diego) it keeps it's residents to strictly indigenous animals who can no longer survive in the wild (Bald Eagle with a broken wing, Cougar who'd imprinted on people, ect.) The girls had a really nice time, except when a goat stole my nieces scavenger hunt project and ate it, then tried to eat Gina's shirt for dessert. There were some things they didn't really care about like the snakes or the sleeping bobcat, but the sure were fascinated by the beaver and the coyotes. I've got to say, the coyotes were much cuter than the ones we have running through our neighborhood eating peoples cats. There was one that even wagged his tail and sat up at the front of the cage so people could see him. Although the best part was not at the zoo but in another section of the county park. There they had a train and some ponies for kids to ride. Unlike the one we get at the yearly fair these were little ponies that you could lead around a track, instead of the ones hooked up to the marry-go-round contraption. It's not quite what we get at Gina's dad's house in Tuscon, but for a first pony ride it was a really nice one. Now they can ride "their" pony, Lacy, at my father-in-law's with out looking like a couple of green horns. Suffice to say the day ran long and by the time we'd gotten some lunch in the girls it was after 2. We got home and into cribs for naps at 3 and Gina had to split to teach a class (normally Yiayia is on duty for this but since I was home I had the pleasure). At 3:30 I went in to see what all the giggling was about. At 4 I went back in to find out why Genevieve was singing (Arianna had just fallen asleep at this point) because she sometimes poops and needs to be changed. No poop. At 4:05 there was a loud crash and everyone started crying so I ran back in (no idea what the crash was) to find Genevieve had now pooped. Amazing what 5 minutes will do. I changed her and put her back in hoping that she would sleep and Arianna would go back to sleep. By 4:45 I pulled the plug and gave up. Gina came home and I went for a run secretly thinking she'd have two crazy, tired babies on her hands. Come home and everyone is happy in the tub. Gina hopes this is not the end of nap time as we know it. She needs that daily 2 hour break. And honestly? I need her to have that 2 hour break. So for my sake, girls. ... please don't let this be the beginning of something new. Go back to napping everyday. Or no more pony rides for you. ... ok. ... maybe a few.

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