Monday, February 7, 2011

A razor sharp tongue

It was a crazy weekend to say the least. Friends of ours from Northern California were staying with us because our other friend was having her at home wedding reception (she's the one that got married in Cancun a few weeks ago). The Super Bowl was yesterday and we were trying to help get things together for Gina's Great Uncle's funeral service today. Needless to say by the time we got home last night we were fried and running on very few brain cells. The girls needed a quick bath and then to get right in to bed because they had to get up early this morning for the service (an hour from now). Gina started up the bath and I stripped the girls and herded them in to the bathroom. I then went to get my suit in order so that at 5am I could get dressed in the dark and not show up for the funeral later in a mismatched outfit (you don't want a black suit jacket with brown, pinstripe pants and a pink tie). Gina tossed the girls in and then went to get beds ready. Now we don't have the luxury of multiple bathrooms so we use the same tub/shower as the girls. We've given the girls a bath in this tub nearly every day for 16 months, so let's say about 400 baths. This one time - one out of 400 - Gina forgot to take her razor off the ledge of the tub. The girls were in the water for all of 30 seconds before I walked in to start washing and in those 30 seconds, surrounded by 3 dozen bath toys, Genevieve went for the razor. I walked in and my heart exploded - there's my daughter with the razor side in her mouth. I freaked out. Frreeeeaaakkkked. ..... Ooouuuttt. Fortunately nothing happened (that's one nice razor) but it could have been a total disaster. Gina felt horrible, like I said this was one time in 400+ and we were all running around frantic, so it's not like I blame her for being a bad mom or anything; what mother hasn't lapsed on something running around all crazy like trying to get life in order. But I'm sure that's what's running through her mind at the time. And upon further inspection there were teeth marks in the guard padding on either side of the blade so I have no idea how she avoided getting cut. It just puts in to perspective how much of parenting is luck sometimes. This incident could easily have been a catastrophe as it was a non-occurrence. So I thank the powers that be, and pray we don't tempt fate a second time. From now on I hope the only sharp things residing in her mouth are words. I'd much rather ground her then visit the ER.

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