Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twilight Zone episode

So I'm constantly saying how everywhere we go the twins are the "it" attraction. ... well today was our twilight zone episode. Everything started off normal (as all Hitchcock episodes do), Gina's godparents took us to breakfast at Schooner or Later's for my birthday, and aside from the powers that be stealing an hour from my slumber with the time change, it was business as usual. Girls were getting googly eyes and compliments from all the other patrons and we played the grateful and proud parents role to the "t". After breakfast, though, we headed to the OC Swapmeet to see about some hair (or lack of hair) accessories for the girls which we'd seen a couple weeks ago but it was at the end of a long day and the girls weren't up for 5 more minutes of shopping. So we thought we'd try today and only go and look for those with out pushing them too much. We got to the parking lot, circled for a bit because the girls were sleeping, parked but sat with the engine running for another 15 minutes because the girls were still sleeping (seeing a theme here?) and then Gina fed the girls so they were fat, happy and rested heading into the swap meet. Then Genevieve pooped through her outfit, which is always frustrating when you make the effort to dress them the same, then somebody has to go and ruin the ride by pooping or throwing up and then the back-up out fit comes out and we look like a chef who pairs a fillet minion with a side of french fries. Both look good on their own, but they don't go on the same plate together. Anyway, as we venture toward the entrance an ominous older woman stops us to look at the girls. Business as usual, right? Then she says "wow, it must be 'twin's day at the Swapmeet, we've seen a dozen or so others!" Really? Cool. We can almost be normal. That'll be great! .... I miss being special. She was right. Not only did we see a ton of twins, we ran into friends of ours with twins from Mission Viejo who we haven't seen in over a year. What are the odds. We were then stopped by a woman later, not to oogle our twins, but to ask us we've seen the triplets? Triplets?! What, twins suddenly aren't good enough for you?! I see how this is. It's all about the one uppance. If my uncle went to jail for 2 years, you've got to tell me about your uncle with the life sentence. I have a splinter, you have a rail way spike through your temple. What ever. We don't need this. We got our cute little bows and headed on out. We decided Starbucks was a necessity before venturing on to my friends house for a St. Patties Day party. As I walk out I look at the car parked next to us. "Happy 7th Birthday Quintuplets!!!" You're freakin' kidding me? Three of a kind wasn't enough to trump our pair of Queens, now someone is seriously pulling a five of a kind to take the pot? What are the odds? Actually I know the odds - 1 in 60 million. So it's kind of like the reverse lottery or getting hit with lighting twice while watching the Russian Ballet perform Swan Lake in December at the Outdoor Performing Arts Center in Minneapolis . ... ok, maybe those are even more drastic odds. Whatever though. They can keep their five babies. I've got my as much as my arms can hug at the moment.

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