Friday, March 12, 2010

Lunch with My Ladies

First of all, let me say that only a father with multiple daughters can say "my ladies" and not sound totally creepy. If a single, childless man is ever talking to you and he references his "ladies" I give you permission to punch him out. ... he's a creep - and you can tell him I said so. Anyway, MY ladies came and met me for lunch today - which was perfect because it was glorious outside. We had some subway in the park near my office. I know it doesn't sound right, but smack dab in the middle of Santa Fe Springs is the most amazing little heritage park. It was the original homestead in the area and they left the entire property to the city under the condition that it remain a public park in it's original form. ... which isn't much because the main house burned down early last century. But the barn and windmill and atrium's are still there, along with several fountains and the foundation of the mansion. Anyway, we had subway and sat in the sun and the girls wore little dresses and sat in their "big girl" stroller seats - they've upgraded from the baby carrier attachments and now can sit up. It was a very nice break from the energy draining florescent lights under which I know write this entry because - let's face it - who wants to return to work after a lunch date like that?!! I guess the sunshine inspired the girls too, because Gina stopped by Carters on the way home and, judging from these pictures, the girls are clearly ready for summer and full time sunshine.

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