Friday, March 5, 2010

Camera Shy

Maybe you've noticed a couple videos of Genevieve on the blog and on facebook. Some she's grunting, some she's talking, some she's growling. Well I've had the comment made that I'm showing favoritism. That I need to put video of Arianna up so that it's fair, so that people know I love her too. ... allow me to explain why there is no video of Arianna posted yet. My daughter is camera shy. I know, I know. Allow that to sink in for a minute. The daughter of Kyle Robert Kopp, failed actor, "face time" addict is afraid of the camera. You know some parents hearts break when their child grows up to a baptist, some when thier child comes out as a fan of USC. For me, it's when my daughter shows the early signs of camerashytus (that's the medical term for camera shy). As soon as the little red light goes on and the lens focus on her she freezes, deer in a headlights, kid on a train track, goose in a 747 turbine. If you move the camera, she follows it like a snake with a snake charmer, a total trance. Last night she was making the most adorable noises when I was getting her ready for bed. I though to myself, I NEEEED to get this on camera. I run out to the living room, grab the flip camera, return to the room - she's still going to town. I turn the camera on behind my back so she doesn't see it. I lock eyes with her and keep her focus on me. I slowly raise the camera from the side - SNAP! Head turns, eys widen, frozen horror creeps over her face. I turn the camera off, put it on the shelf above the changing table - SNAP! Giggles and squels return. This is going to take some cunning. My hand raised above the second shelve I blindly turn the camera on, press record and ever so slightly edge the lense over the shelf so it's pointing down on her. Nope! She senses something is afoul. She stops, face turns serious and the eyes slowly glance around the room. SNAP! She sees it. "Circular glass eye from hell, I'm on to you," she seems to say. It's a show down. A classic spaghetti western film moment. A tumble weed blows by. A dog howls in the hills. An elderly woman gasps. Who will make the first move, the camera, or the baby? ... You win this round Arianna. But you haven't seen the last of me. ... you haven't seen the last of me.

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