Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pulling an All Nighter

When you become a parent you know your life is going to change significantly...no more parties with friends, romantic nights alone, hanging out at bars till the wee hours of the night, etc. But what they don't prepare you for is that, you will be up at the same times you used to be-just the reasoning behind staggering around at 2am is so much different. As the girls have been sick (Arianna all last week & Genevieve this week-yes, it would have made sense for them to be sick together, but do children ever really follow what "should" happen!) we have been up numerous night rocking, soothing, re-applying Vicks BabyRub, sucking boogers out of the nose (yes, that is their favorite!) administering Tylenol etc over the past week and this past night wasn't any different. Poor Genevieve couldn't even breathe through her little nose at all, so every time she fell asleep breathing through her mouth, her body would automatically go into the habit of breathing through her nose, she would choke & startle herself awake & screaming would ensue. This happened from about 8:45pm on never mind the steam shower or the warm bath that we tried to clear out her sinuses and soothe her. I finally broke out of "mommy mode" ("She is tired therefore she must sleep!!") and just snuggled on the couch letting her relax in my lap and watch late-Night Nick Jr (apparently there are other children up at these hours). And as her eyelids slowly started to droop, and her breathing evened out (through her nose because all my efforts finally paid off a bit!!) I realized, that although it was 12:30am (the first of 3 other times I would be up with her that night) and what would have previously been "last call" for us, I enjoyed snuggling on the couch with my little one so much more than I could have ever possibly imagined & I wouldn't change anything for the world...except maybe NOT teaching the 5:30am yoga class that I now have to get ready to teach now. Ugh...just another exhausted day for Supermom I guess!

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