Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Want To Rock and Roll All Night. .... And Party Every Day

I think the people who right books about baby development are full of crap. They say things like "you're baby isn't sleeping because she wants (fill in the blank)". How do they know this? Have they spoken with my baby? Have they spoken with ANY baby? It's like people who tell you what's going through the mind of your dog. They don't have any clue, they're just taking a guess and hoping it's right so that more people will buy their book of so called answers. You tell me my dog wants respect in the pack. ... no she doesn't. She wants the bacon that I'm cooking on the stove, and that's pretty much the extent of her daily contemplation. These stupid books keep saying that you should let your child cry it out because they need to learn to self sooth. This may take 30 minutes to an hour. ... HA! Let me say that again. ... HHHAAAAA!!!!!!! I spent 11pm to 1:30 am on the couch last night listening to the so called self soothing while Gina frantically searched the internet for "answers" as to why our girls wouldn't go back to sleep. They were fed, they were dry and they were pissed! We were determined, though. This wasn't like the previous attempts at this. We were going to win this round. We didn't. We finally gave in (which is amazing because for 2 hours you stand your ground firm as a tree, but once 2 hours and 1 minute roll around you just break like cheap china). We come to the rescue and the girls were so worked up that they have sweated through all their cloths. So now not only do we have to calm them down, but we have to change their cloths and diapers at the same time. ... and both tasks are not conducive to one another. Girls finally went to sleep again around 2:30, after changes, rocking and a turn at the boob. Then they had the audacity to wake up at their normal time. ... I tell you, if they weren't so freakin' cute. Even Starbucks couldn't get us through the day. The only thing that gives us hope is the thought that they might be as tired as us and give us a break tonight. If not, I may just log onto chatroulette at 2 am and make our problem someone else's. It may work as birth control on a global level.

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