Friday, September 10, 2010

This Just In. ...

(read with your best 1930's sports radio news voice)
Ladies and Gentlemen, just when you thought that Walk Watch 2010 was over and Arianna Kopp had taken the title of "First Twin To Set Foot", Genevieve Kopp has once again made it a neck and neck duel. Yesterday she had multiple, back to back walking sessions of 5 or more steps. Even when Daddy finally got home, with out hesitation, she walked half way across the room to him. What's the key to this success you ask? Why key's of course! That's right, plain old, everyday key's such as the ones you have now in your purse, your pocket or that place you can't remember. Turns out that common keys really get Genevieve's motor running. On a side note, I was toying with saying they really get her "turned on", but I'm not quite ready to use that kind of phrasing when it comes to my daughter just yet. Does this mean the momentum has switched? Quite possibly, but it doesn't mean the race is over. As was made obvious yesterday, folks, these little girls are just getting started. So grab a soda and something to eat, Ladies and Gentlemen, cause this competition is anything but over!

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