Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry

Went to my moms house for the afternoon so we could do some swimming and the girls could play with their cousins. Genevieve was in a bit of a funk and at one point she started crying while playing with the Cinderella Princess Kitchen (how anyone could cry when they had a Cinderella Princess Kitchen to play with is beyond me). Well at this point her cousin Connor took it upon himself to teach her a valuable lesson - "big kids don't cry!" From the mouths of babes. Connor is, after all, the authority, being the most recent big kid crownie in the family after conquering potty training. Let me point out real quick that being potty trained only means you pee in your pants 2-3 times a day as he proved through out the afternoon. But that's ok. The rule isn't "big kids don't pee in their pants" it's "big kids don't cry". Which makes sense, because you can't say grandpa isn't a big kid and he pees his pants all the time. But you never see the urine soaked old bastard cry, that's for sure. On a side note, nice of Connor to welcome the girls in to the big kid club and make sure they know the rules. I'm pretty sure the only way to get in is to have a member invite you. Kind of like the Skull and Bones fraternity at Princeton. Anyway, in conclusion, I didn't get a picture of Arianna at the soccer game yesterday so I needed to even the score with a cute photo of her. So here it is. This is what happens when do hard time in the Toy Land jail. Note the ball and chain. Don't think she'll be drinking breast milk and driving her power wheels again any time soon.

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